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How I Used the 20-80 Rule for Myself

A lot of times, we are able to do things, without recognizing the patterns until later on.

However, once you realize the pattern, and confirm yourself to the rule, you will be able to get yourself more productive, and improving your value in no time!

So, how did the 20-80 work for me? In good ways, and bad ways.

Let's dig in! ^_^

Example 1 - Burned My YT Channel

Back when I burned my own channel down, due to the fear of success, I said to myself, I want to take the time to learn and perfect everything that I currently know, in order to tackle YouTube one again, without giving out false information, or making a mistake. Dealing with hate with my weak mindset is the big thing that led me to this thought and decision.

From there, I switched my productivity from:

Creating 80% / Relaxing 20% to

Learning, and Investing 80% / Creating 20%

This way, once I've reached my goal of Learning enough, and gaining the main investments that I've needed. I can then:

Create 20% to Gain 80% of my result, and also

Create 20% to Relax 80%

The only problem is that at that time, I did not know about the 20-80 rule, so this was undefined until I later figured it out. Not to mention, once you end up learning, and creating less, you will in return, not have great results. I accepted this truth, and decided to wait for the right moment ( right now btw ) to start striking again to reach my goals!

Example 2

I mentioned this in my YouTube video associated with this Blog, but I am testing out, creating shorter duration videos (about 3-5 minutes) to see if I can gain a better audience retention.

See, the longer a video's duration is, the more of a chance a person would have to close off from your video prematurely. So, if the video is half as long, a person may feel engaged to not close off the video until around the near end. This, in return, will tell YouTube that my video is doing well. This will also disable the un-skippable ads during a video, since the length required is now 8 minutes or higher. If a video has an advertisement on it, chances are, they will close off the video because of it.

So, where is the 20-80 in all of this?

Well, I spent my 20 looking at my Analytics, and the 80 to figure out what is it that I should be doing, to help myself gain the attention of YouTube's Algorithm. Part of the result is making the videos shorter, to increase the retention to get myself on the Suggested Videos area.

Example 3

One last Example, which is an example that a lot of us content creators can reflect on, is the LONG amounts of time that it takes to edit our video clips, and turn it into a video. Oh My Gosh it is annoying, and it was BORING!!! I use Premiere Pro, and one thing that I did not put my attention on, was being able to edit videos faster. I saw it as a boring task, and nothing more, which really killed my enjoyment of making videos.

I took my 20 evaluate the amount of things that is taking up my time when editing

And used the 80 to figure out the reasons behind it, and how to make this faster.

It all funneled down to 2 things. Workspace, and Shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys are very VERY Vital in saving time. Those small 10 second commands by right clicking, searching, and clicking on the option can be multiplied as much as 30+ times depending on the amount of cuts that we do in our videos, and we would subconsciously not recognize it.

So, I learned some shortcut keys, and even created shortcuts as well. And they really help save those small increments of time in the long run. In addition, making 3-5 minute videos allows us to create faster videos, in a shorter amount of time, to yield 80% of the result that I am looking for!

Workspaces were pretty much the similar situation, but with the use of the windows.

These were just a few examples of how you can implement the 20-80 rule in your everyday problems, to guide yourself and improve on yourself whenever you run into them!

So use this, alongside thinking from an outside perspective to yourself, and you will be able to get yourself good in no time!

Omoi Out ^_^

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