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Mastering In Action

Hear From Those
Who Worked With Me!

Zae Trillz.jpg

Zae Trillz

“It’s always been a great experience working with Justin. He’s consistent and patient with everyone he works with. He’s definitely my go to.”



"Justin helped to master over 20 of my songs. I personally am a potato, and was actually learning how to mix and master myself before I came across his YouTube tutorials. The man knows what he's talking about and is passionate about his work. He really works with you to achieve your desired sound."



"I have been writing for years and only until recently have I taken the next step with my music. Justin helped me achieve my sound with outstanding professionalism, unparalleled consistency, and what might be the most important of them all is his vision and imagination. The man knows his trade and makes the best of what is given to him. I don't plan on going to any other engineer for my songs."

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