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Commission Page (Hidden)

This is a page for those who are interested in making a bit of money on the side from commissions.


  1. Paypal Account

  2. Your E-mail Address for me to send to the PayPal Account

The method is simple. Find people who are in need of mastering, and refer them to my website to fill out a form and have their song Mastered!

I will send 20%  (plus the PayPal's fee) for each client order fulfilled and satisfied. I will give you commissions for up to 10 songs for that single client. This can be from any combination (single at first, then multiple etc. adding up to 10)

This is the calculator here to calculate the fee's btw:


1 song

You send in a client

I speak with and we have a 1 song done

I charge $100, Client pays $100, Paypal pays me $96.20

I will send 20% = 19.20 (plus Paypal fee) = $20.40

So, in total, I will send you $20.40, which after PayPal's fee's, will be $19.20

5 songs after

I charge $450, they pay, I receive $433.81

I'll send you 20% = $86.7 (plus PP fee's) = $90.34

You will now have 19.20 + 86.7 = $105.9 ($110.74-PP fee's)

If client sends 5 more songs, I'll only count for 4 to send over at that point.

4 songs = $360 after PP, $346.95

20% of $347 = $69.4

I'll send you $72.42

So, in total, you would have made:

$19.20 + $86.7 + $69.4 = $175.3 ($183.16-PP fee's)

All this, by referring that one person to me.

Now, imagine if you do that with 2 or 3 new people, per day!

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, let me know!

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